21st – 23rd June 2019 in Grafing b. München

You are cordially invited to the "do-it-yourself"-Convention „-Con“ in Grafing.

JiM e.V. is organising a smaller convention this time, and is inviting all Jugglers, Acrobats, Aerial Artists, Unicyclists, Volley-Clubbers and otherwise "special" ones – who also like to actively help and be creators of a wonderful convention.

As usual, we offer space for marvelous and colorful workshops, training opportunities and an open stage show (Saturday evening - for aerial artists we have another open stage Friday evening). Further events could be: the games (Sunday), Water-Acrobatics on a SUP at the Grafing outdoor pool (Saturday), Volleyclub tournament, aerial workshops, ...

The -Con location ist loically the ymnasium rafing. We have 3 gyms (one of them to be used for overnight guests). We are planning for 100 – 200 persons. Our overnight gym has space for a max. of 150 persons.

The Show...

This time it's a very special -Con Show: we have booked the Stadthalle rafing for Saturday night and Julie + Christian have decided to sponsor the evening event to celebrate their respective 50th birthday with a igantic feast and party after the show. 

Instead of presents, both of them would rather be surprised by a few great and funny numbers (it's an "Open-Stage", i.e. everyone is welcome on stage). Alternatively, participants can also volunteer at the convention (e.g. organisation, workshops, volunteer jobs, tidying up, bring some food, etc.). Have a look at the section "How to get involved?" below.


Instead of defining a -Con ticket price, we will offer a place to give voluntary donations into a fund. And, don't forget: this convention is a "do-it-yourself" convention, so every single participant volunteers with their own skills, personal time, and creativity.


  • Starting on Friday at 14:00.
  • Friday evening: aerial open stage (in the gym)
  • Saturday evening: Show starting 19:00, then a feast buffet and a lamorous party.
  • Ending Sunday 16:00 and then tidying up until 17:00.
  • Find more details / news about the convention here (in German language only...)

How to get involved?

Contact information for all convention areas will follow soon here on the website. Additionally, everyone needs to fill the Signup form (sorry - this form is only available in German language...) with their personal contribution to the convention together with their E-mail-address.


To be able to plan for the number of participants and the number of people staying overnight in the Gym, please register yourself using the Signup form (sorry - this form is only available in German language...). Here, you will also select your "do-it-yourself" contribution for the convention.

We will send an E-mail newsletter to the registered participants to keep them informed and so that the organisers can easily communicate to everyone.